How to release negative emotions and past hurt

5-days email course

​​Are you Heartbroken?

What if it's not breakup that cause our suffering?

What if it’s our thinking about the ​breakup and stuck emotions that cause our suffering?

Are you tired of constant pain and sadness?
No matter what you do, the pain just won't go away?

What happens at the moment somebody breaks up with you?
Emotions happen.
When shock, mini trauma, heartbreak happen, we move out of our body.
We usually freeze and that keep the painful emotions inside us and bring even more pain instead of releasing it.

I will show you 4 different ways to deal with (and release) difficult emotions of breakup.

On our final day, you will learn how you could program yourself so that you start using them automatically

If you will spend 5 minutes each day listening to exercise and applying new steps, you pain will slowly diminish.

​What can you expect from e-course

​You will learn 4 different ways to deal with difficult emotions of breakup.


How to release emotions from your body

​energy of emotions

How to release the energy of difficult emotions

​surrender your emotions

How to surrender your difficult emotions to the universe.

​​Believes and thoughts

How to release stressful thoughts attached to negative emotions

​What is included in this 5 day course:


A PDF workbook to show you how to release emotions on 4 different levels with examples and detailed instructions.


Short guided audio recordings that will help you soothe the pain and speed up releasing on deeper levels than just following instructions in workbook.

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