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​​How to Transform your relationship


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​Are you looking for unconditional love in all the wrong places?
​Are you afraid that you will never find it?

​ Why do we listen to everybody else advice about

 how to love and be in relationship?

If the source of love is your heart, wouldn't ​be better

to learn how to listen to the wisdom

and whispers of your own heart

in the matter of love?

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​Transform your relationship alone

​Every day you will need only 5 minutes to finish all daily games and suggestions.

“​That's me, ​​on ​one of the many self help courses, where I did not get what I was searching for. ​I was searching for so many years on so many places for love, but never find it. Until somebody ​help me to remember how to find it in my own heart.”

​jan 1998, Florida, Wizard course


​A PDF workbook to help you to develop new habits of starting to dream big with a small daily steps. track your ​small changes and guide you to ​connect with the source of love.


​Short guided audio exercises to remove subconscious blockages that prevent you ​to get the love from others. ​To help you to remove painful memories and emotions from past relationship and childhood.

​printable and playsheet

​Short one page printable with daily games to play and reminder to develop new habit of ​finding more love inside you without trying to love yourself more.

​​HEART as a source of your love

​What can you expect

​If you will spend 5 minutes each day listening to exercise and applying new steps, you will open the piece of your heart.

Benefit 1

​You will experience more self love without trying to love yourself. ​Because we will remove some subconscious blockages and painful emotions, you will feel less afraid with less doubt that you are lovable as you are. ​You will realize that the more you get to know who you are and do thing just because you are drawn to them, the more you will enjoy being yourself. And that equal self love.

Benefit 2

​Other will feel more accepted, less judged, less controlled, more loved by you. Because you will start to expect less from them, they will be able to relax around you, just being who they are. They will not be in protective state, prepared to defend.

Benefit 3

​You will have more energy and with that more time to enjoy small things that you used to do and stop doing. And with you enjoying yourself more, others will be attracted to that joy energy more. You will start to find the real you inside you. You could be suprised how lovable is that being inside you.


They say about ​my ​courses

In ​class with Jollanda, I have met my heart, the long forgotten love of my life.
I noticed when I am there that I want and need less, life is simpler, more at ease, less in my head
In that, I realized that it’s not my relationship to others that I am in love with, it is the one with myself.
This remembering came thru Jollanda’s own presence in her own heart.
I am deeply grateful for this gift."

​Lucie Lalumiere

About ​me

jolanda hercog

Hi, I’m ​Jollanda.

       ​       The events in my childhood caused me to close my heart at a very early age when I lost my grandfather. The hurt and the pain were too much to cope with. I did not know how. So I just close my heart completely.
And then I was wondering for years why nobody loves me. Why everybody around me has a relationship except me. And I felt lonely and deeply depressed. I tried to suppress the pain of loneliness and lack of love with all kind of addictions from food to workaholic. Nothing worked.
Then I finally give up my quest of searching for love from people and turn to nature and mountains and start to find out how I alone could still enjoy my life more. And that was a start of developing a loving relationship with myself. I did not start to try to love myself more, no.
I start the journey of exploration who I am and what I love to do. And I discovered my love for mountain biking.
And thru that, I slowly start to open my heart a little to people that I meet cycling in nature. And that was beginning of explorations why and how I close my heart and how to open it up again. On this journey, I open my heart enough to meet the love of my life. And I also discover the more I give up my imagination and expectations about love, the deeper the love between us is. And deepen the love with people that cause me to close my heart in the first place.

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