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Why i am still single

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Becky, Texas

This was one of the most amazing experiences of​ coaching so far for me. I had so many epiphanies. Jollanda, you gave me a great gift in showing me what it feels like to love myself.. What I learned here comes with me everywhere and into every other ​class.

n session she ​ asked me if I would do something with ​​her. ​She asked me to hold my hand over my heart and open my heart to her. She then sent loving energy from her heart to mine. She asked, “Can you feel the love I am sending you?”
“Yes . . .” ( I could, I really could.)
“This is what it feels like to love yourself. Because it’s all the same.”
And for the first time I can ever remember, I felt love for myself. For everything and everyone. Only this time I wasn’t outside the circle. I was the beginning and end of the circle. I was the whole circle, the universe of my own circle. I have no words to describe the depth of that gift, Jollanda, and I will always be grateful to you for it.
Right on the heels of that amazing moment I had a realization that smacked me in the face:
“You mean I’ve been loving myself all this time and didn’t even know it?”
Holy crap! I’m still processing that one . . .
I don’t know where else this class may take us, but for me, I got what I came for already. I got more than I ever knew I wanted.
My deepest love and gratitude to you,

​Are you searching for love?

​Are you single and searching for love?

What if being single for a long time mean, that you follow relationship advice from everybody else except the only love expert and relationship coach that know how to find  true love of your life, your heart ? On the way that nobody told you about.

Let me share you how to listen to whispers of your heart how to find your one and only true love.

​Are you tired of struggling in your relationship?

​My first encounter with following the wisdom of my heart as my best love coach start, while I was searching for place and space in my relationship, where I could enjoy a deep connection with my beloved and still be who I am.
And I was just tired of following all this relationship advice and tips. Too much hard work.
If a relationship is about the love, why we spend so much time dealing with the mind and personality?
What I discovered is, the more I learn how to enjoy being me, the more my beloved enjoy being with me and the love grow without all the hard work.
​This is not about how to work hard on your relationship,
It is about learning to dance with each other and let your hearts lead the dance.
(And you could use the same way in any relationship even with your mother)
It does not make sense to work endlessly on personality difference, gender difference, emotions and communication skills. That will take care of your mind, but you want to have the relationship with your partner heart, right?
So I will be your guide on the journey of remembering how to listen to the wisdom of your own heart

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