How To Transform Your Relationship


Start with 5 steps to touch the heart of your partner

Are you tired of struggling in the relationship 

or searching for love?

What if everything that you believe about LOVE is just not true?

What if you drop for a minute everything that you know about LOVE

and being worthy of LOVE?

Who would you be?

How old were you when somebody for the first time make you unworthy of their LOVE?

And part of you stayed frozen in time, unworthy of love.

They are still afraid to be hurt again.

jolanda hercog

Secrets of transforming your relationship

Healing unresolved emotional wounds from the past – especially from childhood.

Build  strong support

 Rewiring your nervous systems through imagination and bilateral stimulation

Changing your blueprint for relationships

If you  didn’t have the kind of stable upbringing and healthy mother needed for development of an inner sense of security that created a kind of emptiness and insecurity inside you.

You can remedy this by rewiring your nervous systems through imagination and bilateral stimulation. We can’t change what happened to you in your childhood,, but we can change how you feel inside.

Want to FIND WAY back to LOVE?


- tools to discover and heal parts of you, that feel unworthy of love

- tools to connect to your heart - the source of your inner wisdom and love

All that in my free resources library that you get access to when you say yes to love.

jolanda hercog

Hi, I'm Jollanda

You are not alone in this, I was there too

   After years of searching for love and trying to get it from others, I was exhausted and depressed. I believed more and more

that I am unlovable, there is something wrong with me, I don't deserve love.

Trying to love myself was as hard as trying to get love from others.

I start to assume that all those people who were giving me advice to love yourself first,

have never experience not being loved by another.

It's easy to practice to love yourself, when there is always somebody that is giving you the love.

But what if there is nobody to start with?

Then trying to love yourself is wrong way. Only when I discovered how I started to believe that I am unlovable

true various process and healing modalities and actually bringing back all of my frozen parts from my childhood,

the love found me. 

And I also learned (the hard way) that from every modality or healing process I need to take what is working for me

and move on.

I learned how to trust my heart wisdom not other people heart and mind wisdom.

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