How To ​​Transform Your Relationship


​Start with 5 steps to touch the heart of your partner

Are you tired of struggling in the relationship 

or searching for love?

I was there too, first searching for love for years and then struggling in my relationship.

​Then I get the most unusual love advice:

​Stop working on your relationship.  It's about love not about work.​

Would you like to do the same?

​Would you like to stop fixing your relationship, ​yourself your partner?

And start remembering who you are, this beautiful imperfect lover inside of you?

This fully alive woman or men hiding inside of you, waiting to be discovered?

​​You and your partner are unique beautiful imperfect soul mates.

That's why you need unique guidance.

​I will show you how to combine love tools that I use with wisdom of your own heart.


Secretsof finding TRUE long lasting LOVE!

​Remember who you are and be your own authentic self.

Connect to your heart. Your heart is the source of your inner wisdom and love.​

Stop hiding yourself - you are as beautifully imperfect as we all are.

listen to the whispers of the heart

Relationship is not about HARD work.

It is about learning to dance with each other and let your hearts lead the dance.

It does not make sense to work endlessly on personality difference, gender difference, emotions and communication skills without listening to your heart wisdom.

Want​ to ​experience heart to heart love?

​join our heart whisperer tribe


- tools to remember who you are and stop hiding this unique beauty inside of you

- tools to connect to your heart - the source of your inner wisdom and love

All that in my free resources library that you get access to when you join.

Hi, ​I'm Jollanda Hercog

You are not alone in this, I was there too

      The events in my childhood caused me to close my heart at a very early age when I lost my grandfather. The hurt and the pain were too much to cope with. I did not know how. So I just close my heart completely.
And then I was wondering for years why nobody loves me. Why everybody around me has a relationship except me. And I felt lonely and deeply depressed. I tried to suppress the pain of loneliness and lack of love with all kind of addictions from food to workaholic. Nothing worked.
Then I finally give up my quest of searching for love from people and turn to nature and mountains and start to find out how I alone could still enjoy my life more. And that was a start of developing a loving relationship with myself. I did not start to try to love myself more, no.
I start the journey of exploration who I am and what I love to do. And I discovered my love for mountain biking.
And thru that, I slowly start to open my heart a little to people that I meet cycling in nature. And that was beginning of explorations why and how I close my heart and how to open it up again. On this journey, I open my heart enough to meet the love of my life. And I also discover the more I give up my imagination and expectations about love, the deeper the love between us is. And deepen the love with people that cause me to close my heart in the first place.

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